Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poem for My Sister

Born in the same womb
You and I bloomed
I became me and you became you
Parted by oceans yet instinctively I feel me and you
so near as though we share one nest
connected still by some invisible umbilical chord
called love -- or more than love.

You sit sometimes at eight in the morn
praying to God each day that His blessings me adorn
Knowing that so often your visual image makes me smile
You are to me my sister, my closest friend- the classiest one with style
THAT A-1 human being who makes me laugh as I recall
the merriest memories of "us" -- being simply us.

Family means those memories though some of them have dimmed
mom and dad, the scent of the Christmas air, sounds of the Church bells
The books in school, the sweetness of family dinners, the problems of "long ago"
When we felt so secure because we knew "we belonged" - nurtured, safe, loved.

Though I speak of long ago, I"m also glad there's NOW
You are there and I am here... and still our lives bring me joy
because we are still family
our parents watches o'er us
proud of what we've become, but more so ecstatic that we love
each other -- as sisters often do - and should.

by Guia Gomez

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free and anonymous said...

your words express what your heart is and it is the kind of love that i always dreamed of from a sister which i never had.