Friday, July 31, 2009

Lord, What Do You Want Me To Do with My Life?

If you believe in God then that is the question that may be difficult to answer but God somehow "tells" us by sending us people, circumstances, joys and even difficulties to let us know what His purpose for our lives are... it differs, however, because we are all individuals and God "talks" to us individually.

One may be meant to serve him as a doctor and another as a priest. Another may be meant to play his/her guitar for the church choir. There is no ONE main purpose for everyone but a different purpose for every human being. God made us all unique. Thus, He deals with each of us as personally as possible. That's love! This song is something I'd wish to share with you all.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ivy at 103 Twitters Like Mad

Ivy is a 103 year old grandmother from the UK and she can beat most of us when it comes to Facebook and Twitter. She first started with Facebook and now is deeply engrossed with her Twitter. Yes, she is the oldest member of both social networks (Of course, we have Kirk Douglas at My Space but he's 90 and THAT is young compared to Ivy).

Ivy has gone through two world wars, probably even witnessed the lightning of the first streetlight at Telluride, Colorado and is a first hand witness to the history of world technology. Yet, at 103, she has learned to "rock with the times". Now, doesn't that tell those who THINK that 60 and above are "too old" for the internet something?

What do you THINK?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The "Great" Larry Hochman Shares his Thoughts:)

This was originally written in 2001, when Jillian was eight years old. We're having her Sweet 16 party this weekend. This - and two other old notes - will lead up to one current and very important one. Stay tuned if you want to thoroughly enjoy your present and parlay it into an incredible future.

And please pass this note along to whomever you think it will inspire.

*** ***

There is no better sound in the world than hearing your child laughing from the soul. It tells you that anything is possible.

I'm spending part of the morning doing Mad Libs with my daughter Jillian. She's discovering this verbal treasure for the first time, and the world of verbal humor is opening up for her.

And she's laughing like a big silly goon!

Later on in the day we stop at the bank. She sees the lollipops on the counter near the teller and makes her way toward them. Before I say a word she asks if she can get one for her little sister Sarah. At that moment I remember Jill doesn't like lollipops and feel a burst of pride and love for my little lady.

After the bank, we stop at the hair salon for a long overdue cut. She's getting the works: wash, blow dry, cut, styling. She's sees herself all fluffy and feminine, the hint of the woman she will become. As she's being fussed over by the beautician, she celebrates her new found prettiness with a grin from ear to ear.

Still later, we stop at a Subway restaurant to get her favorite treat...ham and provolone on whole wheat, no vegetables, no mayo, nothing.

Her eyes light up when I offer the three chocolate chip cookies (if she shares with Dad). I notice the look of unbridled pleasure on her face as she chomps on her sandwich. She savors the food itself and the fact that she's getting a special treat; the combination makes her feel like a princess.

Then we stop at my office so I can take care of some paperwork. I ask her to call home and tell Mommy where we are and how long we'll be. She delights in the fact that I show trust in her to make the call by herself, and that I believe in her enough to use the "special buttons" on the office phone. She handles the task as well as any administrative assistant I've ever had.

Close to bedtime, we work on math homework. She whips through four pages of multiplication, number patterns, graphs, and word problems. The quiet calm of competence shines in her eyes, and her mouth is turned up at the corners in a sublime, confident smile.

She knows her stuff, and tomorrow her teacher will know she knows it as well.

Want to see the wonders of the world? Find a child, one you love if possible.

See the world through his or her eyes, the joys, the kindness, the fears, the dreams, the unexpected delights, the gratitude.

Even better, see YOUR world as if YOU are the child. Experience things for the first time, and feel it with that intensity.

This is something you can access anytime you want.

And it will make you a better grown-up.

Your Pal,

Saturday, July 11, 2009


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I owe my blog-mates MORE than just this video. Yes, I have decided to put on my running shoes and see where this path takes me. This path, however, is NOT new. I have been on the same path for the last 40 years of my life as anyone from San Juan City probably knows. Thus, it isn't anything REALLY "new" after the forty years when we first started the Pink Ladies and decided to give the San Juan ladies "some means of livelihood". It was also in the 70's when I started to improve the San Juan school library and health centers. Later, I tried to make sure that San Juan would have more schools, teachers, a museum and something close to a "mini cultural center". Thanks to my son JV, who was supportive in most of the projects.He understood that that we needed more schools, health centers, improvement of police force and the basic need of every resident (and guest) of the city to feel safe and secure.

Admittedly, there is always room for improvement. That is why I have the BSK (Balikatan sa Kaunlaran) projects such as recycling and waste management. San Juan is the "flood basin" of Metro Manila and during the rainy season there are times when some areas are still under water. There is also the sanitation situation that has vastly improved and we intend to do more given the "go signal" from the people.

Why only NOW? Frankly, I first was rallied by my friends and residents of the city to take the official role during the 90's. That was however a point in my life when I was more enthused about business and I had an unexpected health problem caused by taking a vaccine which was injected into my system. Vaccines can be GOOD but not everyone should be vaccinated all because it seems to be "fashionable" to do so. Anyway i shall tell you that story another time in my blog.

Last year I visited my sister Gilda in Chicago and decided to have a complete medical check up, just to make sure that I can stand the rigors of the campaign and public service. I prayed. I asked God that should He want me to pursue this not-so-new path, a sign would take would be that of my doctor's prognosis. Surprisingly, my doctor in Chicago declared me in the pink of health and added: "You can do anything you like". After some more prayers and perhaps, a bit of heartache now and then, it was clear that this is the time in my life when I had to go for it.This was God's time given me to take a more obvious role as leader of the city.

Still, I cannot do it alone. Not without your help or your suggestions. If there is anything I appreciate, it is good and productive ideas for the city. I do not view this phase in my life as me running alone but all of you running "WITH ME". I have never viewed leadership as simply giving the orders but rather a partnership with the people who share the goals I have for the city. After all, I am no super woman, I was only a provincial whose roots are from Negros and who managed to be fortunate enough to get good education-- BUT if we all come to terms with our set goals for the betterment of the city (and even the country) then yes we can do and accomplish anything!