Saturday, July 11, 2009


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I owe my blog-mates MORE than just this video. Yes, I have decided to put on my running shoes and see where this path takes me. This path, however, is NOT new. I have been on the same path for the last 40 years of my life as anyone from San Juan City probably knows. Thus, it isn't anything REALLY "new" after the forty years when we first started the Pink Ladies and decided to give the San Juan ladies "some means of livelihood". It was also in the 70's when I started to improve the San Juan school library and health centers. Later, I tried to make sure that San Juan would have more schools, teachers, a museum and something close to a "mini cultural center". Thanks to my son JV, who was supportive in most of the projects.He understood that that we needed more schools, health centers, improvement of police force and the basic need of every resident (and guest) of the city to feel safe and secure.

Admittedly, there is always room for improvement. That is why I have the BSK (Balikatan sa Kaunlaran) projects such as recycling and waste management. San Juan is the "flood basin" of Metro Manila and during the rainy season there are times when some areas are still under water. There is also the sanitation situation that has vastly improved and we intend to do more given the "go signal" from the people.

Why only NOW? Frankly, I first was rallied by my friends and residents of the city to take the official role during the 90's. That was however a point in my life when I was more enthused about business and I had an unexpected health problem caused by taking a vaccine which was injected into my system. Vaccines can be GOOD but not everyone should be vaccinated all because it seems to be "fashionable" to do so. Anyway i shall tell you that story another time in my blog.

Last year I visited my sister Gilda in Chicago and decided to have a complete medical check up, just to make sure that I can stand the rigors of the campaign and public service. I prayed. I asked God that should He want me to pursue this not-so-new path, a sign would take would be that of my doctor's prognosis. Surprisingly, my doctor in Chicago declared me in the pink of health and added: "You can do anything you like". After some more prayers and perhaps, a bit of heartache now and then, it was clear that this is the time in my life when I had to go for it.This was God's time given me to take a more obvious role as leader of the city.

Still, I cannot do it alone. Not without your help or your suggestions. If there is anything I appreciate, it is good and productive ideas for the city. I do not view this phase in my life as me running alone but all of you running "WITH ME". I have never viewed leadership as simply giving the orders but rather a partnership with the people who share the goals I have for the city. After all, I am no super woman, I was only a provincial whose roots are from Negros and who managed to be fortunate enough to get good education-- BUT if we all come to terms with our set goals for the betterment of the city (and even the country) then yes we can do and accomplish anything!

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