Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ivy at 103 Twitters Like Mad

Ivy is a 103 year old grandmother from the UK and she can beat most of us when it comes to Facebook and Twitter. She first started with Facebook and now is deeply engrossed with her Twitter. Yes, she is the oldest member of both social networks (Of course, we have Kirk Douglas at My Space but he's 90 and THAT is young compared to Ivy).

Ivy has gone through two world wars, probably even witnessed the lightning of the first streetlight at Telluride, Colorado and is a first hand witness to the history of world technology. Yet, at 103, she has learned to "rock with the times". Now, doesn't that tell those who THINK that 60 and above are "too old" for the internet something?

What do you THINK?


jojigirl said...

Well,thanks for introducing me to this lucky lady. Just got back from my twitter account and yes, I am following her now. ",)

countingsheep said...

Joji, she's also my FB and twitter friend. I love her!!!!!