Monday, September 14, 2009

Internet Tips for Those Who Need Extra Income

I wondered about friends of mine who stay up all night "to make extra income" by doing work over the internet. There are several sites, but one that I hope that we Filipinos thought of FIRST is Odesk. Odesk has a "software" you have to download to keep track of your time.Some call this "cyber slavery" but we are all timed anyway when we go to the office to work aren't we?
If you have relatively good English skills, ANYONE can be paid by the hour which is something that YOU determine. The average one hour however is something like 5 dollars which isn't bad because that's close to the US rates.
If you can write, do wenb work, can cannot inbound-outband calls (using skype, perhaps), do SQL programming and come up with websites, Odesk pays you for the job that you have done. Odesk PAYS you because most "employers" pay Odesk FIRST before they hire you whcih means that Odesk literally pays you. Thus, your "employer" cannot run away from you after doing a job.
I am writing about Odesk because we Filipinos should have THOUGHT of something like this. At a time when everyone seems to need "some extra source of income", Odesk certainly has its possibilities.
Initially though, you'd have to take the regular Odesk test. This test will certify that you're Odesk-ready. You can take other tests like English writing ones or call center tests and these tests give you an edge as you compete against others.
I learned about Odesk from a friend of mine who makes extra income using Odesk. It can be difficult because of the time difference between Canada, UK and America vis-a-vis the Philippines but if you can stand night work at home, you can try your luck at this site.
Isn't it rather sad that the Philippines has not thought of something as CREATIVE as Odesk? Surely, if we had something like this, we'd have more of OUR workers having more income. There are however Filipinos who do get jobs and have the best Odesk Feedbacks.Try the tests, if you fail one, try another -- find your skills. Besides, if you fail one test you can take it again after some time.
While traditional work is good, it is also helpful to know about what's happening around the world and how wok can "happen" though you aren't in your own "office". I sometimes wonder if this is the wave of the future. Perhaps, it is.

Here is a video about it :

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