Monday, October 5, 2009


When I took a peek at my Facebook I was touched tonight. There was a note from the BSK (Balikatan sa Kaunlaran, HK Chapter) that they voluntary decided to send their "humble contribution" to help victims of Typhoons Ondoy.
These are the pictures that I am showing EVERYONE because I am so proud of these people:)
I am proud that though they're far away, they aren't apathetic... they KNOW and act as if they're HERE. Their hearts are filled with love and empathy towards those who are suffering HERE and they've decided to take action no matter how puny this all may seem. But what touches me most about BSK Hongkong is not the contribution or the package but their WANTING to be ONE with us even as we go through the angst of the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy. These are "ordinary people" -- yet, they are HEROES. They've done something good. If everyone were like these people, we'd have a better community and nation. Perhaps even a better world.


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