Thursday, October 1, 2009

What To Do In Case of Disasters

Among the adversities in life we inevitably will meet are disasters. We've been through the last deluge and the latest weather report indicates that we soon may have to go through another storm. Remember that every storm passes -- do not fret. Pray instead, but these are a helpful tips which I can suggest :

1. Do not panic. Most people who panic cannot think objectively and are prone to act without thinking. Accept that there is NOTHING we can do with natural disasters but pray. THINK and plan ahead.

2. Gather all your important things - ID's,family albums, credentials, and ANYTHING dear to you and put them in a waterproof bag. Also, remember to put in an extra flashlight, a couple of candies, important medicines if you are suffering from any disease. If you have allergies, for instance, put your anti-allergy medicines in the bag.

3.Make sure that you have your small AM radio (your Ipod FM radio is not useful) so that you know what is happening. Try purchase some extra batteries BEFORE the disaster (or always have them anyway) so that you can use them anytime you need them. Keep flashlights where it is easy to reach so you don't have to look for it in the dark.

4.If you live in low lying areas, please try and evacuate BEFORE the rain happens. KNOW where is the nearest evacuation center and bring your emergency bag.

5.Try and buy amoxcillin (broad range spectrum antibiotics) or doxycycline(respiratory ) so that should you end up at an evacuation center and feel sick with sudden fever an dflu you can take doxycycline if you have fever and no medical help is available right away. Amoxcycillin is a broad range antibiotic which can be handy if you are suddenly infected because of a wound or if you get any infection. Please note that pregnant mothers and kids below 12 SHOULD NOT TAKE THESE antibiotics. I have included this suggestion only because there may be times when even doctors and hospitals may be out of reach when you need them.

6.Try and get a hand sanitizer and include it in your emergency bag.Remember that if you cannot wash your hands a hand sanitizer would do.

7. Charge cellphones and all means of communications BEFORE the emergency. Get a back up battery if possible. Remember that you can also use your cellphone for emails to get in touch with your relatives abroad. If you are a SMART CELLPHONE user for instance, you do NOT need to BUY a wifi phone. All you do is type in the email address/space/ message and send to 200. Yes, it's that simple to send an email. GLOBE allows you to log in your yahoo messenger for your relatives abroad.

8.It is a good idea to bring in a couple of re hydration salts if you have kids. Rehydration salts are cheap and can help sustain your kids should you happen to run out of drinking water.

10, Make sure that you have reliable RUBBER slippers so that in case you have to run or climb out of the house, you can simply carry your emergency bag and safely go to the evacuation center without having to worry about your "tsinelas" not being sturdy enough.

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