Thursday, October 1, 2009


Keep safe during a power outage

Here are some basic tips that will keep you, your family and your employees safe while the power is out:

* Assume all cables and wires are energized and stay away.
* Keep away from flooded and debris-laden areas because they may be hiding downed lines.
* Do not assume that just because there is no electricity, it is safe to wade in the flood waters. There may be "live" electrical cables that may harm you
* If you leave your home, turn off all appliances or turn off your main breaker.
* Avoid driving in damaged areas. You might interfere with rescue or restoration efforts, as well as jeopardize your own safety.
*If you can help it, please avoid candles. Use flashlights instead. Candles can cause fires
*Make sure that you lock your doors and make sure that you and your family are safe. Remember that there are bad people in the world who may try and take advantage of the power outrage.

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