Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day has Gone Away?

Christmas day has passed the calendar declares
Our merry cheer vanishes mysteriously in such frenetic haste
Some have grown tired and now wanting for those normal days again
Others view the coming New Year as the season’s real end.
It didn’t make sense to celebrate if normal is something like –
Back to work, hate the boss, wishing your enemy takes a hike
Or back to the normal days when laughter and joy were dead
And you wished some grumpy human ill after praying in your bed.
Christmas means forever much as love never really dies
Christmas means our hearts can cry when justice loses because of lies
Christmas makes us see beyond borders – geography, religion and race
We feel for those in pain like babies who aren’t born with velvet mittens and lace
We sigh for those in Africa and Asia who are born to die of AIDS and cholera
We care more because of Christmas about a world war-torn- a pathetic era
A pathetic era plus an apathetic cluster of humankind who weep not for their own kind
But silently nods and affirm the destruction of their own specie – abortions, wars, being unkind
If after the New Year everything becomes normal again
Perhaps there never was a real Christmas. Should anyone say Amen?
(I hope not)

(An original poem written at a time of pondering while watching CNN)

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