Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas... Remember WHO is the Reason

A friend of mine who is NOT religious is not touched by the "usual" Christmas songs. That was until she heard this song (and the lyrics). The first time my friend heard this song she swears that "something" happened to her heart-- she fell in love again with Jesus Christ and never fell out of love for Him until now. (And never will)

While it is easy to repeat the same religious cliches like "Jesus is the meaning of the season" let us not JUST say it-- but FEEL it in the depths of our individual hearts and soul. Yes, He is the meaning of the Season but WE are the reason he came to this earth -- He left his grand home heaven to be scorned, to suffer, to die because he loved us. If there is anything that the Christian season can DO to us, it should be able to touch our hearts again. To make us, on the other hand say with firm commitment : "HE IS THE REASON TO LIVE! " And really, He is.

"As little children we dreamt of Christmas morn, and all the gifts and toys, we knew we'd find but we never realized a baby boy one blessed night... GAVE US the greatest gift of our lives...."

He is the reason for the Season if we are willing to make Him OUR reason to LIVE!

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Shixterie Gail xxxi said...

Wow, this was my favorite song, It touches hearts, I easily understands the idea that the song and the lyrics conveying.. And I cried when I first hear this song at our Church.. And I could feel the presence of God coming over me.. I'm 15 years old but, frankly I have an old soul and matured way of thinking.. The love of Our Lord Jesus was everlasting and unconditional..

I thanked God for all the love that he gave me and to my family, WE are so blessed that we know Jesus, 'Coz he's our Saviour and Our way to our God..

Thanks Madam Guia for this Post.. I really appreciate this one! ;-)