Monday, December 15, 2008

A Peek Into My Life (Click Pic for Full View)

This is my son, Mayor JV at the garden with his action team who TRY their best to come up with the best plans for YOUR city :)

We'd appreciate it though if you can GIVE us more suggestions and TELL US how we can improve it....share your ideas with

Contrary to what others may think, my home is a regular one (except for my great garden). Here are actual photos of my garden to share with you all. This is where I find solace with my plants , beautiful vines and a couple of dogs :) All my dogs are special to us. Sharing oneself also means showing you where I live, how I live and some of the people who stay or visit my home:)

The rest of the pictures are part of the bits and pieces of my more active life,including my moments with the leaders of the National Council of Women's Organization of Malaysia (click on the pics above for your full viewing)

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