Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Equanimity and Stress During the Holidays

What is equanimity???? It is evenness of mind especially under stress.Having the right disposition or a "sense of balance".

Synonyms of equanimity is composure or sangfroid meaning a balanced mind under stress. Equanimity suggests a habit of mind that is only rarely disturbed under great strain . Composure means controlling of emotional or mental agitation by an effort of will or as a matter of habit . Sangfroid implies great "coolness" and steadiness under strain

In a frenzied season such as the holidays, we seem contolled by the hype of the season. Today, we are probably thinking of what we have in our kitchen and how we will manage to do the cooking well before the sun sets. Sure, the feeling of preparing for Christmas is "pleasant" but we have to sometimes admit that as we go on a hurried and rather exciting pace, we start to stress.

It seems that it is impossible to spend a happy holidays without stress, but it is all a matter of "equanimity". It is thinking in terms of "balance". It is taking an hour or two OFF to have some time FOR YOURSELF.

Time for yourself to perhaps get your mind off the holiday complexities and meditate on something -- like God and his goodness. Time to THANK Him that you survived another year unscathed.. time to be grateful for all the friends and family you HAVE and the obvious fact that you are ALIVE. Time to put your mind in a "faith mode" and stop fretting about that extra tomato sauce you forgot to purchase OR that Quezo de Bola which will be missing on your Noche Buena table. Equanimity is that silent voice that will tell you that ONE missing Qiezo de Bola does not matter. Christmas Eve is just a night like all other nights and to stress about it is rather foolish. Equanimity will remind you that the assortment of food in your table does not matter MORE than the state of your relationships with others, your love for Jesus and your commitment to Him. Equanimity is what one needs when you need to find solice from a frenetic world and you are reminded of the words of the Psalmists that sweetly nudges you to : "Be still and know I am God".

Equanimity is calmness inspite and despite of everything around you.It is when you reach the point of having such a "merry peace" despite the fact that everything does NOT seem "okay" but you still can find pleasure (instead of aggravation) in the voices of little children caroling at your gate or doors. It is a sense of mental and soul balance which when one learns to somehow attain it opens the door to wisdom, right decison-making and freedom from stress.

And of course there are always those petty family problems during the Season. Someone feels you gave the other a "better" gift; or you actually forgot to give someone a gift; or you feel bad because your husband remembered everyone except YOU. Equanimity tells you that it really does not matter... because soon Christmas day will be OVER and you wil survive the angst and learn that everything passes.... even Christmas Eve. :) Peace and love to you ALL !Add to Technorati Favorites

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