Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Better Version. An Interview with God


jojigirl said...

Very touching, touching me to the core of my being. Thanks for sharing this message of God. It feels good to be reminded of the spiritual aspect of living. We are too laden with mundane concerns that we often took for granted what is more worthwhile. Thank you also for visiting my page and leaving comments there. My entire pleasure and honor. (I have added a comment re my entry about Pres. Obama.)

Ma'am Guia, you have grace and strength that made you more than just beautiful. My appreciation, admiration, and respect.

myinbox said...

This is a beautiful video. Thank you for putting it here so that we learn that we can only live in "now" and that thinking too much about what we experienced or worrying about future is only the cause of worry and stressing as Jesus said.