Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Making a Lovely Dog Leash Out of Plastic Bags?

My pet projects lately have been on "waste management" which is basically recycling. Okay. I understand why most people still seem unconvinced and indifferent to recycling. I realize that it is because there seems to be not enough "buzz" about it aside from the cliche' "Save the Planet" which sounds like a momentously huge task for anyone to consider.

Now, this for instance, are lovely dog -leashes. They cost about 120-180 pesos if you purchase them from the local groceries or per stores. But LOOK at Linda's "artful" dog leashes she makes out of simple plastic bags? If you or any of your friends happen to be dog lovers, this teaches you how to re-use those grocery plastic bags .. functional too? If you happen to be a PAWS fan, you could organize with friends to make leashes for dogs and donate them to PAWS :)

If you have dogs and their leashes tatter so easy, making a few of these and saving them for futire use saves you hundred of pesos. They also make great school projects for high school kids and can definitely be a source of extra income. Go ahead, try it. Give your dog a new leash while saving the environment.. enjoy!

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