Monday, January 5, 2009

Blogs are Definitely the New Media

Had it not been for bloggers, even CNN would NOT know what is happening at Gaza. Had it not been for a single blog, we would not know about THIS "golf course" episode or this -- the case of Tara Bosh Santilices. These are the days when it's not too "easy" for anyone to blatantly abuse power at the expense of ordinary people because there are NO MORE ORDINARY PEOPLE.

And that makes me glad. It's time that bloggers take on the role of the "new media" and share their stories and even their suggestions. The blogosphere has now become a source for the "traditional or mainstream" media to "get their news". Thus, I think bloggers are as "legit" as those who carry "press cards". It's time that everyone accepts the fact that there are probably more people readiong popular blogs - like those in my links - than those reading the usual mainstream newspaper.

Of course, with blogging comes the same journalistic responsibilty. While it is definitely alright to start ones own blog, it should definitely tell the truth. I guess it also must make some sense and suggest good deeds... admittedly, there are some destructive blogs , but it's great to find out that there are more GOOD BLOGS. One of my links, A GOOD BLOG, is about a mom going through the angst of losing a child. I read her blog and want to write a comment or two but then I realize that NOTHING I can say can help soothe her hurt.

We tell each other stories. We try and reach out to each other and help. We exchange ideas. We report abuses and we tell what the mainstream misses to tell us. If there is anything good about technology, it brings us all closer. We belong to our own "blogging communities" and we realize that no one is alone.

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