Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Growing Connection

This is how the "EARTH BOX" has helped people in Mexico. Why can't that be done here? After all, suburbian planting seems to be a need these days considering food cost. My friend and I studied the advantages of the Earthbox and this is WHY it works :

1. It is similar to drip agriculture. You CANNOT over or under water your plants. The PVC pipe at the edge of the "box" where you pour the water makes the roots "drink at its own pace" thus ensuring that the plant or vegetable gets exactly what it needs.

2. You can cover small plants as it grows thus protecting it from the weather, creepers like worms and the elements. For instance, you can take your Earthbox inside your house during a storm.

3. It is extremely scientific and less costly than hydrophonics. You simply get a box, place a basket with holes (or something that will act as a "wick") then get about 12 inches of PVC pipe and place it at the corner of the box. Then you fill the box with "moss peat" ( it's cheap at Manila Seedling Bank ) and some organic fertilizer.

4. Make your seeds germinate before replanting them in your Earthbox. Better still, allow your seeds to gerninate in paper cups (or make your own newspaper cups) so you can plant the whole thing in your earthbox when it grows to be about 3-4 inches.

5.It is almost a no-fail system as long as you make sure that your earthbox is exposed to the sun and during the summers, it is easy to place your earthbox in any shaded area to protect your plants from too much direct heat.

We have been reading the "Growing Connection" and how the United Nations has used this box to teach people in other countries like Nicaragua and Mexico to grow their own produce. The Growing Connection worldwide project seems to be working. Perhaps we can likewise try something like that here. Or we'll try anyway.

If these little kids can do it so can we!


Political Jaywalker said...

In Los Angeles, California they also have urban farming where they rent vacant lots which create more problems due to scarcity of open space and developers wanting to build on said space. This project sounds more practical, applicable, and viable in the Philippine urban setting considering open spaces are hard to come by and almost non-existent...... I say go for it.

Anyway thanks for linking POGB article on Tara Santelices.

Guia Gomez said...

Thank you. I know that urban planting is also the craze these days even in Tokyo. Yes LA has a lot of these going on and New York City buidlings have built patios in their buildings both for food supply and for gardens.I like your blog a lot! Be blessed.

Political Jaywalker said...

This project of yours if it pushes through may also help in reducing trash by gathering vegetable refuse in the market, restaurants, etc. for composting for use in this earth boxes.... perhaps a tie up with migrant4development is a possibility you may want to look into. A project for the families of OFW families left behind that they can undertake......

I am glad you like our Pedestrian Observer Group Blog and the more people knows about it the better our chances for issues we feel strongly about may just get noticed by people who can make a difference.

Guia Gomez said...

I've just joined the Pedestrian Observer Group at Facebook too. Thank you. It's great to have online buddies like you!