Saturday, January 3, 2009

An Ordinary Day Again .. to start planting!

It's back to normal after the long holidays. Thus, we hear all the bad news about the recession and naturally, while we hope and pray for the best, some of us feel a sense of uncertainty. While prayer ALWAYS helps (yes, I say that with positive umph!) it may also be worthwhile to consider going back to the basics. For instance, there's the matter of vegetables, meat and fish going up in the markets.

This made me think abot the "old days" and how you can ask tomatos and onions from your next door neighbor. Try and do that TODAY and you may get something like a "negative" reaction from your neighbor who will most likely tell you something like : "Doon ka sa palangke bumili!"

Yes, like everyone else, I think of such things. I also think that perhaps Imelda's "Green Revolution" idea wasn't a bad idea after all. Except that TODAY we can all plant and provide our own food thanks to something I found out : it's called the EARTHBOX. If you clicked on that link you'd probably be thinking that it isn't easy to come up with some 30 plus dollars to purchase it plus shipping/mail cost and YOU are certainly RIGHT!

Me and a friend studied how to make a version of this box from "ordinary things" that people throw away. We're also thinking of something.. like an Earthbox Movement perhaps (any suggestions?) but if you do google search for "eartbox" you'll find that it is EASY to make one and it's worth the time because practically ANYTHING will grow on it.... see this video:)

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Twilight Zone said...

my mom have a small garden and loves planting around and lots of orchids from palawan and from shops and the funny thing is shes also having okra,talong,malunggay,kalamansi,sili,dayap, each kind one also planted around but the nice thing she doesnt need to go to the market to buy those things since she doesnt need those things everyday and its really nice to have them.