Saturday, January 10, 2009

Imagine me Without YOU?

Jacki Velasquez, as most of you know, is one of the most popular Latina singers and among her songs, THIS ONE seems to have had the biggest "hits" (more than a million). This pop Christian song refers to our Lord and Saviour Jesus when she sings :" In my eyes you're the only real truth I see... when my hopes and dreams are shattered you're the only love I need."

Most of you know versions of this song which have been "secularized". This is the original version that Jacki Velasquez wrote and sang. It even has an English/Spanish version in one of my friend's Ipod.

Sing along and relax. This video is a real stress buster and it is one of the coolest songs that exceeded the million viewers. There is no need to fear and stress.. GOD is in control ALWAYS :)


Mia said...

I am a lurker at this site and this is a wonderful song that tells us about how life is nothing without Jesus. I know that the secular version was not right to do because what is for Jesus should always be for Jesus. This was explained and I am a fan of Jaki Velasquez even if she's not Filipino because almost all her music is inspired. I heard so many tsismis and now I know that all these tsismis cannot be true because no one who can know how to choose these deep songs can be what some tsismis say. Jesus said we are known by our choices because they are our fruits and your website and songs only points the truth which is Jesus.

Mia said...

I wish we can comment here using our yahoo id because we have to get a google acount just to make a comment? But it is all worth it because we can stay here and listen.

gaux said...

me, i can't imagine me without jesus. i love the videos and i am lucky i have a google account anyone anyone can gets one bec its free naman.
i love this place and i lovethis also.yes, this has a spanish version i know with english. where do you get your videos nakaka-relax specially sunday is that special day to think of jesus. at night also, i am relaxed here.
"imagine me without you i'd be lost and confused i wouldn't last a day ..amen!"

Nancy said...

i just love this so much talaga.